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Michael is CEO and Cofounder of DAS Labs and has more than 10 years of experience creating innovative AR/MR experiences and technical capabilities.

Initially, Michael worked on deploying AR experiences for theme parks in low and no lighting through advanced computer vision image processing techniques, mobile camera hardware modification to see in the near infrared spectrum and eventually through development of “DAS Mesh”, an Ultrawide-band (UWB) beacon mesh used to track people, objects and devices for markerless AR and positional tracking.

Since 2018, Michael has co-authored several patents and actively contributed with R&D initiatives for clients and partners including but not limited to Fortune 50 companies, HMD military contractors, theme parks, nuclear facilities, professional and collegiate athletic training and simulation, in addition to AR/AI systems deployed in orthopedic, neuro and oral surgeries. Michael has also worked for several AR/MR headset and SDK providers, developing investor prototypes, public hardware and software demos in addition to SDK sample projects.

Michael has partnered/co-founded other AR startups in industries, including: location based gaming, theme park/entertainment, cross platform AR/VR gaming, AR/AI assisted spinal surgery, visual positioning and tourism, in addition to AI peripherals that enhance the limited capabilities of current AR/MR glasses and headsets.

Bold thinking, dynamic solutions is Michael’s core mantra. He holds a B.S. degree in Political Science and Government from California State University Fullerton.

While his core competencies include AR mobile/headset application development and software project management, his passion is collaborating with subject matter experts, across a variety of industries, to build cutting edge AR/AI systems that end users in that industry will actually want to use.

Michael Dykier

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