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Using computer vision to recognize targets, this app detects a laser simulated shot and scores it based on a target. It has a mode for players to go head-to-head against each other, competing for shooting accuracy and reaction time.


Yembo approached DAS to create a non-Lidar implementation of an app they had called Roomscan. Users can scan their environment and upload the video data collected to generate a textured 3D model of their room. The app is available for Lidar and non-Lidar devices, and will soon be available for Android.


The DropKey Pop-up Studio paired with the DropKey camera app is disrupting the ad production business and the future of broadcast quality content creation on mobile devices. DropKey creates huge new business opportunities for both businesses and the consumer. Using Flutter and Unity, DAS built an app that has fine controls with chroma keying. The app controls lights, sounds and more.

Tertia Optio™

Challenge: Six Industries, Inc wanted to develop an IOS expansion to its Android mapping and encrypted communications product for use by the DOD, Public Safety, and advanced private security teams. They retained the experts at DAS to develop Tertia Optio™.

Key Features:

  1. C5ISR Encrypted Communications

  2. Blue Force (team member) Tracking

  3. DAS AI Mesh armed personnel detection CNN model + Mapping

  4. Deployed on IOS, Android and soon on AR/MR head mounted displays

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