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Challenging the Status Quo in Spatial Computing

The current landscape of augmented reality development is hampered by limitations affecting access to real-time camera feeds in popular AR devices. These restrictions have inadvertently stifled innovation and restricted the potential of AR technologies.

The Solution? DAS AI Mesh

DAS AI Mesh respects user privacy while providing developers the tools to create rich, seamless AR experiences. The cutting-edge solution is innovating industries from surgery to radiation monitoring, to protect and enrich human life. 

DAS AI Mesh in Action

Device Independent

This state-of-the-art solution is compatible with a wide variety of headsets on the market today. We've also implemented DAS AI Mesh on custom proprietary hardware for our clients. 

Vision Pro Friendly

Apple's Vision Pro has particularly been notorious for restricting developer access to real-time camera feeds. DAS AI Mesh effectively solves this challenge, while still respecting user privacy.

Visual Positioning System

DAS Labs' proprietary visual positioning system (VPS) allows AR solutions to identify the user's location quickly. If the user unknowingly approaches a secure area, they (and other appropriate individuals) will be alerted right away.

Seamless Data Integration

DAS AI Mesh ensures that AR applications can run smoothly across various devices, fostering a unified AR ecosystem that enhances user engagement and interaction, regardless of the underlying hardware. This allows for greater support and more effective machine learning opportunities.

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DAS AI Mesh for Lab Safety: 

Aurum Technologies

Next-Gen Radiation Monitoring

In collaboration with Aurum Technologies, we've deployed an AR radiation monitoring system that enhances safety and operational efficiency, showcasing the versatility and reliability of DAS AI Mesh across various headsets.

spatial computing machine learning aurum.jpeg

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