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2016 - Knotts Scary Farm Visions

Augmented Reality Theme Park

The AR developers at DAS Labs had a unique challenge with Knott’s Berry Farm’s 2016 Haunt Museum. The nighttime setting meant all our immersive AR elements had to operate under zero lighting conditions. Our team customized iPad hardware to see in Infrared Spectrum (Night Vision), which is invisible to the naked eye. We then integrated with the park's animatronics servers so that AR ghosts knocked over real objects, opened doors, shot guns at guests (synced with air guns blasts). 



• "Visions was the best of the Skeleton Key rooms... Holding a digital tablet device, I wandered around a darkened room until I spotted a ghostly cowboy who fired his revolver at me just as I was hit by a hidden blast of air.”

-LA Times


• "Visions was actually really cool, a fully interactive ghost hunt through the Green Witch Museum. Scary, but more intriguing as I felt as though I was really part of a ghost investigation.”


• "(Visions) the most innovative of the Skeleton Key Rooms, combining a bit of virtual reality with real practical startle scares and effects.”



• "Visions is the gem of the quartet...with the spirits actually seeming to exist in the real space seen through the camera’s eye.”


• "The best of the bunch was probably “Visions” which placed you in haunted room with a special paranormal device.”


• "Visions was one of the coolest and most entertaining things of the night. It felt like I was in an episode of ghost hunters and it was my job to figure out what was happening in the room.” 

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