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We are a highly skilled team of augmented reality developers. Our 10+ years of experience extend to computer vision, machine learning, and augmented / mixed reality (AR/MR). 

Years before PokemonGo shook the world with a novel AR-focused “life scale” game, our augmented reality development company was already creating low - lighting AR experiences for theme parks, dark rides, escape rooms & haunted attractions. 
Since then, DAS Labs has branched out into a variety of different industries. Our passion for creating innovative solutions has led to major developments in gaming, orthopedic surgery, aerospace, indoor navigation, military simulation, firefighter/astronaut training, and even augmented reality golf. More recently in 2020, we won the U.S Army “XTechSearch 4.0 Phase 1”, pitching to pentagon officials and DOD scientists to improve soldier training regimens using AR glasses & Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) technology. 
DAS Labs firmly believes in making the impossible, possible. We believe in combining technical know-how with the vision of our clients to bring ideas to life in a cutting-edge industry. The future of augmented reality software is ripe with opportunity, and our team excels in implementing creative solutions that circumvent roadblocks stopping many of our competitors in their tracks.

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