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Augmented reality is a game changer! Our expert augmented reality app developers build hidden adventures for gamers to find. 

Whether the setting is a business location or the user's own home, AR will take your game design to the next level. When visiting your location, guests can experience a gamified new re-skin on every visit to increase playability. Or, our AR app development company can turn the user's home into the setting of game where players defend their home from zombies! They can even play with their friends living thousands of miles away.


Reach out today to discuss your AR app development idea with our team of developers. We can't wait to hear from you. 

Augmented Reality Gaming

Gates of Ethernity

Gates of Ethernity is a PC Autochess game, paired with GoE: NFT Augmented Reality Viewer. Gates of Ethernity is a unique and immersive venture, bringing an undeniable level of graphics and artistic excellence, combined with immensely deep environmental storytelling into the world of Blockchain and NFTs.

Gates of Ethernity


What could make mini golf more fun? How about mini golf in a bar? Even more fun? Golf augmented reality! That's exactly what PuttScape did with DAS Labs. With a mix of computer vision and beacons, PuttScape tracks real mini golf balls as they move on real mini golf greens.


Now players wearing MR glasses can select a new themed game type each time they visit your venue.  PuttScape's ball triggers pirates exploding into treasure, space turrets firing at the player, and even special bonuses for hole-in-ones!  We'll drink to that!

Thinking about bringing life to your idea? We should talk!


Turbo Chomp

During the height of the 2020 pandemic, Social Games, Inc. wanted to produce an AR game for people to connect and play together outside, while maintaining social distancing.  Enter Turbo Chomp, a life scale "Pacman-type" game. Users set up their playzone in an open area, outside, with adequate space to run, then randomized/identical mazes fell out of the sky prompting users to run around and collect orbs, while exercising and avoiding enemies! 

User's avatars had a face with their likeness - players competed to be the last person standing with the most orbs collected. Want to see how DAS can bring your game to life?

Turbo Chomp


AR Zombi is a Life Scale FPS Survival Horror game that requires shooting hordes of zombies in AR/XR, inside the player's home!  ARzombi identifies your home's doors and windows, then converts them into barricaded AR versions to the outside "Zombie apocalypse".  


This cutting edge game maps out your home, enabling you to defend your home from augmented reality zombies that trip over furniture and chase loud noise and any sight of the players. ARzombi rewards the player with pickups that make fighting zombies more fun...and a literal blast! Check out this video of actual gameplay.

AR Zombi

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