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Augmented Reality is Revolutionizing Mini Golf

Re-imagining an Age-Old Pastime

In collaboration with Niantic Lightship, DAS Labs melded our years of experience with AR with our passion for mini golf. The result is a completely unique augmented reality golf experience, where virtual worlds interact with the physical game in real time.

Increasing Playability

At the start of this project, we set out to enhance the mini golf experience. Now, business owners can reskin their course easily and without costly physical renovations, and players can choose a new gameplay experience each time they visit a course.

Cutting-Edge Features

Our innovative team of augmented reality developers built visuals that interact with players' mini golf shots, creating exciting new elements of a classic game! Business owners can even apply their own alternative Metaverse, so the possibilities are endless.

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“Puttscape is pushing the envelope for location based entertainment by leveraging our VPS technology and combining it with their own ball tracking IoT system to augment mini-golf experiences at physical courses.”

Fil Iliescu, Niantic Head of Lightship Developer Adoption 

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