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DAS provides expertise to the U.S. Government and its contractors in Augmented Reality, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning to help overcome common challenges in uncommon ways.

DUNS: 079286202
Cage Code: 8D8Q1

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Tertia Optio™

Challenge: Six Industries, Inc wanted to develop an IOS expansion to it's Android mapping and encrypted communications product for use by the DOD, Public Safety, and advanced private security teams.  They retained the experts at DAS to develop Tertia Optio™.

Teria Optio's™ Key Features:

  1. C5ISR Encrypted Communications,

  2. Blue Force (team member) Tracking,

  3. DAS AI Mesh armed personnel detection CNN model + Mapping,

  4. Deployed on IOS, Android and soon on AR/MR head mounted displays

Tertia Optio

Aurum Technologies

Challenge: Teams of Radiological Technicians must follow federally mandated checklists/processes in hazardous environments, while monitoring technician biometrics and environmental conditions.  DAS was retained by a team of expert technicians to provide a HoloLens 2 based application enabling hands free technician maintenance of equipment and radiological surveys, while enabling supervisors to monitor, in their field of view, team vitals, biometrics, and environmental conditions.

Aurum Technologies™ Key Features:

  1. Eye-tracking and voice command for hands free navigation

  2. Area/Lab recognition and AR persistence for multi-user operations

  3. DAS AI Mesh™ technician identification/tracking and overhead biometric data overlay for supervisor's quick reference

  4. The current iteration works on Hololens 2 with DAS AI Mesh™ sentry tripods for technician tracking.

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DAS AI Mesh™

DAS AI Mesh™ leverages our custom trained convolutional neural network (CNN) to detect humans, decide if they are armed or unarmed and then translate to 2D mapping and 3D world space!  DAS AI Mesh™ can detect unauthorized armed personnel via fixed cameras at schools, government facilities and for the DOD, public safety and advanced security teams via drones.


DAS Beacon Mesh™

Commercial off-the-shelf headsets cannot track users during strenuous training or intense activities.  DAS Beacon Mesh uses Ultra-wideband (UWB) beacons to track user's when commerically available glasses/headsets fail, so that AR/MR training or location based experiences can persist in low light, smoky and/or fast moving training scenarios or gaming conditions.  Contact us to find out how DAS Mesh can enhance your AR/MR product.

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DAS Mesh


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