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"DAS Mesh" Mixed Reality's Warfighter Training Solution

Mixed Reality - the "Missing Link" in Simulation

Mixed Reality (MR) is the "missing link" between tethered VR stimulations and operational "on the job training".  Both the simulation industry and most developers eagerly praise MR's promise of live holographic training in large areas, where trainees get to run, jump, and crawl while using real firearms and collaborating with/seeing actual teammates.  

Fig. 1 VR just doesn't cut it for dynamic, fast-paced warfighter training

Why DAS Mesh?

Unfortunately, the established players in simulation do not have an answer to MR's biggest roadblock to immersion: headset tracking failure in fast moving, low to zero lighting scenarios, or in multi-trainee evolutions.  Instead, they just repackage tethered VR systems that require trainees to don computers in backpacks, use toy guns, and require 100s of expensive networked optical tracking cameras to enable large area training - while wearing VR headsets that block their view of the other trainees.  This is not the most realistic training environment, no matter how good the graphics are.

What is DAS Mesh?

Before Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) became mainstream with Apple's ARKit, we were working on how to deliver AR/MR to theme park clients without having to place markers throughout their venues.  "DAS Mesh" was born when we integrated beacons with several other inputs to track user's smartphones, tablets, and headsets with high precision.  DAS Mesh works in environmental conditions where SLAM fails and indoors where GPS cannot reach.

Fig. 2 "DAS Mesh" demonstration footage for theme park client (2017)

DAS Mesh is a tracking system that allows Commercially off the Shelf (COTS) headsets to work in low/zero lighting conditions, under fast moving scenarios that would normally break headset tracking, and in Large Area Simulations (LAS).  Specifically, DAS Mesh includes an "outside-in" beacon tracking mesh and an algorithm that switches between multiple tracking methods based on environmental conditions to maintain simulation continuity (SC).

DAS Mesh Tactical Trainee Equipment - "train like you fight"


Our team understands, from experience, that the best training solution enables users to communicate with and see their actual teammates while working in real environments - with integrated holographic enemies and content.  Also, for training to provide the most benefit it must allow trainees to use their actual equipment while not tethering them into a small tracking space.  This is something VR systems simply do not deliver no matter  what level of graphic fidelity.  DAS Mesh is a system that allows organizations to train in Mixed Reality today!

Fig. 3 Add minimal equipment to train in Mixed Reality

Trainees using DAS Mesh will require minimal additional gear including:

-A Mixed Reality Headset (the system also works with VR),

-Replace trainee's firearm Bolt and Magazine with the recoil simulator bolt and magazine,

-Add Tracking tags to the user's headset and firearm,

-Add the shot sensor to Trainee's rifle.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 7.09.23 AM.png

Fig. 4 Firearm recoil kit allows trainees to train with their real weapon

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