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Quest Pro, an unfortunately priced and underwhelming MR headset

Meta has launched a new virtual reality headset called the Quest Pro, targeted towards business and professional users, with a starting price of $1,499 in the US and €1,799 in the EU. It also features an augmented reality mode called Mixed Reality.

According to reviews, the Quest Pro is comfortable to use, but its performance is not so great, the color passthrough is poor in quality, and it has poor battery life.

Some reviewers suggest that the Quest Pro may not be suitable for the average consumer, but it is an option for business users or developers. The Quest 3 is expected to be released in 2023, offering a more powerful chip at a lower price.

The new controllers without tracking rings, built-in camera tracking, haptic feedback, and more stable hand tracking are praised. The Quest Pro also features face tracking and improved image quality, but reviewers criticize the cumbersome manual setup of the room required for mixed reality and the lack of high-quality software.

CNET suggests waiting for the Quest 3 unless users are developers looking for the latest technology.

After working with it for a few hours, DAS Labs is not impressed. It feels like a slightly better (and significantly overpriced) Quest 2, but the way Meta was hyping it up, we think everyone was expecting an actual Mixed Reality headset, with depth sensors (that were promised but taken out of the headset just before shipping). Without depth sensors, you do not have environmental mapping. Without environmental mapping, you do not have good AR/MR.

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